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Something or someone that is not part of a norm in society.


London Preview

Observing the twists and turn of politics, we could not help but notice how the events of that week were in many ways haunted by the past politics of Pride in Belgrade.

lechures in queer culture
London pride panel discussion
LGBTQ protest in Belgrade
Euro Pride in Belgrade

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The Unstraight Archive

Your Story Matters to Us

We believe in the power of stories. Each one of us carries unique experiences and perspectives that collectively shape our shared cultural heritage. Whether it's your personal journey, an experience that has defined your identity, or an episode you wish to share with the world—your story is a valuable part of our community.

So, let's together shape a richer, more diverse world of stories. We look forward to hearing your voice and welcome you to share your story with us.

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Our Promises


The Unstraight Museum will never pass judgement on what stories are important - and not to save for the future.


The Unstraight Museum will never identify or classify a story or a person as anything within the LGBTQ+ spectrum but what the person or the story itself states.


The Unstraight Museum always works within the local context of where the projects are realised, under the guidance of -and in close collaboration with the local partner organisation.


The Unstraight Museum is publicly funded and does not have any political, religious or other affiliations.


Lectures & Education (in Swedish only)

Kurser &

The Unstraight Museum erbjuder kurser för museer och kulturarvsinstitutioner.

Vår kursledare Pia Laskar (fil. dr i idéhistoria och docent i genusvetenskap) skräddarsyr utbildningen efter er verksamhet. Kurserna baseras på resultat från forskningsprojektet Unstraight research i museer.

Pia Laskar about Queer Culture
Unstraight gender studies

Join in

Unstraight Friends

Since the museum was founded, donations and endowments have meant a great deal to the museum’s development. Contribution can consist of either money or items that the museum would like to inherit.

With our annual membership you will stay in the loop and be invited to any future events. Oh, and its only 100 SEK a year. 

Sign up by Swish 100 SEK to 123 072 66 12
Or use Paypal. Just make sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment section. 

Unstraight art
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