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Nytt nätverk!

The Unstraight Museum är med och skapar nytt nätverk! Nätverket vill öka intresset för, och kunskapen om, relationer mellan genus, sexualitet, nation och kulturarv och att problematisera dessas komplexa samspel i tider av ökad migration. Genom nätverksarbete, workshops, dialogvisningar och seminarieverksamhet kommer nätverket att arbeta utåtriktat för att bjuda in till samarbete med myndigheter, föreningar och andra inom kulturarvssektorn. Nätverket är ett initiativ från projektet Unstraight Research i samarbete med Nationella sekretariatet för genusforskning. Nätverkets uppstart finansieras av Riksantikvarieämbetet. Besök nätverkets hemsida här!

Unstraight Research

The project Unstraight Research is an initiative from The Unstraight Museum and an attempt to broader history writing at museums not with a temporary imprint but in a permanent way. Permanent in this way of thinking is set to some 10-15 years, which is the life span of a “permanent” museum exhibition. In this three year long research project a senior researcher is hired to ensure a queer (or unstraight as we like to call it) perspective from the get-go in the process of producing new permanent exhibitions. Yes, you read right, exhibitions in plural! This project is realized in collaboration with The Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren) and The Swedish History Museum (Historiska museet) and it’s the collections of these museums that will be researched by Pia Laskar, dr in history of ideas and senior lecturer in gender studies.

The first exhibition taking part in Unstraight Research is now up at The Swedish History Museum (Historiska museet) entitled History Unfolds. Here is a link to Pia Laskar’s article from the catalogue: The_Displaced_Gaze

This project is generously funded financially by Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) and will result in new exhibitions at both institutions over the coming three years.


The Unstraight Museum collaborates with Stockholmskällan since 2015 in order to present a more nuanced history about the city of Stockholm. Stockholmskällan consists of a digital archive with photographs, maps, books, movies, articles etc. All this portrays wide range aspects of Stockholm’s history over different periods. Just because history has made queer people and unstraight stories invisible, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And one of the great parts of this collaboration is that we reach kids and teens in schools all over Stockholm since Stockholmskällan collaborates with primary schools making history topical!

Our engagement in this project is made possible through volunteer efforts and is an ongoing collaboration.

Previous projects

c/o Etnografiska museet

I samband med utställningen Playground på Etnografiska museet producerade The Unstraight Museum ett omfattande program under hösten 2016 på Etnografiska museet. Programmet handlade om allsång, mänskliga rättigheter, att komma ut, kroppen, kärlek och framförallt rätten att vara sig själv! Det blev sammanlagt två festivaldagar, och sex onsdagar med kvällsaktiviteter.

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c/o Marabouparken

The Unstraight Museum gästar Marabouparken sommaren 2016 med en utställning i parkens paviljong.

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Unstraight + Newcomers

This project unfolds the lives of LGBTQ immigrants in Stockholm, Sweden by collecting and sharing their stories and experiences. It brings the cultural, religious and political barriers of LGBTQ lives to reality.

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Stockholm Unstraight

In the research project called Stockholm Unstraight we have sought to highlight forgotten or hidden locations and places with LGBTQI relevance in Stockholm.

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Unstraight Perspectives

Unstraight Perspectives is an extensive cooperative project run between several museums and local LGBTQI communities in both Sweden and abroad with the goal to highlight how exhibitions with an unstraight perspective can take form.

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The Aleanca Unstraight Art Residency 2014

The project aimed to further the development of art as a way to practice emancipatory politics. Selected artists are expected to work with the local LGBTQI community in Tirana , developing a work that addresses the current political and social situation of the LGBTQI community in Albania in a distinctly artistic way.

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The exhibition Legislation was produced for Queerfest in St. Petersburg in 2013. It tells about anti-gay laws in different countries worldwide with help of statistics, diagrams, texts, colorful tape and personal stories. It also presents what legislation has looked like over time and what reality is like for homosexuals in the world today.

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The Aleanca Unstraight Art Residency 2013

The project aimed to develop the arts as a way of illustrating the current political and social situation of LGBTQI individuals in Albania. For four weeks, the participating artists work closely with the LGBTQI community in Tirana.

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Article One

The exhibition was produced for Europride 2008 taking place in Stockholm, and has toured internationally until 2013.

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