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About The Unstraight Museum

Even though the operation started in 2008 the organisation was officially created in 2011.

The Unstraight Museum is tasked with empowering the LGBTQ+ community by collecting stories from a non-normative perspective. Out mission is to make them accessible digitally and physically through exhibitions and other public expressions, internationally. 

The Unstraight Museum is a Swedish non-government, non-profit, volunteer-run LGBTQ+ organisation working with culture as a mean of change, globally. This work is done through collaborations with LGBTQ+ NGO’s around the world.

We mainly work with the digital collection but the long term goal is to create a physical museum with a base in Sweden.

Up until 2019, The Unstraight Museum has worked in 14 countries, created more than 25 exhibitions and spawned several local initiatives continuing the work in the spirit of the museum.

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The Board is responsible for the overall operations of the museum, and it draws up guidelines for the museum’s work. 

The current Board of The Unstraight Museum:

  • Arne Öberg (Chairman)

  • Mia Blacke Bjurling

  • Staffan Gerlöw

  • Maja-Lena Molin

  • David Walegren

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Join in

Unstraight Friends

Since the museum was founded, donations and endowments have meant a great deal to the museum’s development. Contribution can consist of either money or items that the museum would like to inherit.

With our annual membership you will stay in the loop and be invited to any future events. Oh, and its only 100 SEK a year. 

Sign up by Swish 100 SEK to 123 072 66 12
Or use Paypal. Just make sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment section. 

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