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Postal address:
The Unstraight Museum
Box 11051
100 61 Stockholm

Visiting address:
The Unstraight Museum is an online museum, therefor we don’t have a visiting adress nore a physical space. With that said we do physical projects in actual spaces and are always interested in new collaborations and partners. So don’t hesitate to contact us whether you have a project proposal or a suggestion for a space. But our collection is only on view on this site, not IRL.

Org. no. 802459-7737

Talks and Workshops

We are both pleased and proud that our talks and workshops are popular and that we can educate and influence others by raising LGBTQI related questions. We’ve given talks to museum staff, LGBTQ activists, university lecturers and for a mixed Pride audience. Would you like us to come to your institution? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Since we are a non-profit organization, our talks and workshops function as a way to support our operations. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Board and Staff

The Unstraight Museum is made possible with the efforts of an operating and engaged board. In some projects we have employed staff and in others not, those projects we do non-profit. Occasionally we take interns. If you’re interested in taking part or collaborating with us, please send us an e-mail!

Board members:
Daniel Ali
Claude Schumann
Fredrik Svensson
Ulf Petersson, (Chairman)
Stelios Vasilantonakis
Staffan Gerlöw (Secretary)
David Walegren
Maja-Lena Molin